Creating a Django Project

The first step is creating your project by using the ‘django-admin startproject project_name’ command, where ‘project_name’ is ‘django_blog’ in your case. Also, it’ll generate tons of files inside our newly created project, which you’ll research further in Django documentation if needed. Change the directory to the newly created project using ‘cd’ command and to look at the created file using ‘ls’ command.

The project are often viewed in your favorite browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).You can inherit your browser and sort ‘localhost:8000’ or ‘’ within the URL, as shown below. to urge an equivalent page as above, the server within the bash must be running within the background. Also, you’ll manually stop the server if needed by hitting ‘Ctr+C’ in Windows/Linux and ‘Cmd+C’ in Mac.

The first step is to make an app by using ‘python startapp app_name’ command, where app_name is ‘blog’ in your case. In Django, there are many apps to the only project where each app is single and specific functionality to the actual project.

Django uses ‘SQLite’ because the default database, which is light and only used for little projects, which is ok for this project. It uses ‘Object Relational Mapper(ORM)’ which makes it very easy to figure with the database. the particular database code isn’t written, whereas the database tables are created through the assistance of ‘class’ keyword in ‘’.

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