The Army Continuing Education System (ACES)

This program is meant to assist soldiers study wherever they’re . ACES, historically ran by an in-person Army Education Counselor, is connected to the GoArmyEd online platform and travel by the military Human Resource Command. additionally to TA and CA, you’ll access distance learning, and eArmyU online college courses. quite 1600 certification, license and credential programs that are designed to match us with Army MOS are available freed from charge to service members. These educational opportunities are a part of the military Cool program and may be completed during duty hours at the discretion of your command. As more education resources become available, ask your on-base education office. they’ll be ready to provide additional information because the new programs roll out online.

A service secretary can order any reservist to active duty for up to fifteen days annually . This authority traditionally has been viewed because the authority allowing the services to enforce the reservists’ 2-week annual training requirement. This authority might be used for operational missions also as annual active duty for training

In addition to the involuntary activation of reservists under the above conditions, 10 U.S.C. 12301(d) provides for a call-up of reservists who volunteer for active duty. the amount of volunteer reservists called to active duty and therefore the refore the length of your time they’ll be kept on active duty generally depends upon the supply of funds and the end-strength authorizations for the active force.

New updates on the case removed the time in Service as an eligibility rule. Though, they added another one regarding the PME. The soldier could be eligible to apply to Army tuition assistance only if he/she completed the Professional Military Education prior to the submission time. Why? As we mentioned before, the Army is more concerned about the military readiness of the soldier rather than their academic life. So, by attending Professional Military Education courses, students will be able to meet the military readiness rule. There are two different criteria for eligibility- tier 1 and tier 2.

Tier 1 soldiers: this segment applies to those services who are trying to study their first bachelor’s degree or the ones that studied their first bachelor’s degree without Army tuition assistance and now want to pursue a Master’s Degree.


Completing PME (Professional Military Education) before the application process
The PME may include:
Basic Officer Leaders Course
Advanced Individual Training
Warrant officer Basic Course

If you struggle with university student loan forgiveness, then you should get help with that. Because the employees in these agencies are dealing with the student loans every day and they have enough experience for solving different kinds of student loan problems. The time in service is another requirement that soldiers should meet. For instance, if a soldier decides to leave the Army in 2 years, and he did not have enough time left on his service contact, he cannot use this program. You have a service obligation with the Army, if you decide to use the Tuition Assistance. So, that means whether it is ADSO or RDSO, the soldier should work for (2/4 years for respective obligation) after completing their degree.

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